4W’s and 1H for digital signage companies in UAE

All digital signage companies in UAE need to have an agenda. Marketing is a technique that pushes that agenda a little better. Marketing with help of digital signage solutions helps even better. There are various digital signage companies that run in Dubai and least to say, these companies fail to understand the importance of having offered these services in the first place. One needs to understand why marketing is important. Take a look at the 4w’s and 1h of marketing and you will understand every bit of it.


Who: The question here is who your target audience is. To elaborate, what are the psychographics and demographics of your target audience? Services like digital menu boards, LED screens etc. are really offered to a limited set of people who really demand these sort of services. You cannot call it a niche market, but a market where demand is less and supply is more. So the key to understand marketing is to know ‘who’ it that you are selling to is?


Why: You need to understand the reason behind every strategy, every plan, every decision you make. Why would you offer a kiosk for rent? Why would a hotel need an interactive touch screen kiosk? Why are outdoor Led screens preferred over indoor Led screens and so on.


What: It is not about what you wish to offer, it is about what you offer is really selling or not. Marketing your business helps in selling what you actually want to sell. Every business runs a marketing strategy to promote its business on various platforms. Led video wall, digital advertising players have become really trending mediums of promotions these days.


Whom: Whom are you selling your products and services to, makes a lot of difference in deciding your promotional technique. Many businesses plan their marketing campaigns based on their target audience. If you want to have an eye catchy attractive advertisement, you can go for LED SMD Screens that will not only get you your potential customers but also help in strong brand building.


How: This is the most important of all the questions you ask yourself. How are you going to reach to your target audience? How is your marketing camping going to influence them to take action? Using the appropriate tools for pro0motion will not only help you understand this, but will also give your better business results.

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